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Integration company
specialised in Odoo

a centralized open-source company management software.

Votre partenaire d'intégration Odoo en Suisse

More than 15 companies projects done

Production management, stock management, finance, project management, CRM, Web site, eCommerce, point-of-sales, …

Open source above all

The software we integrate is open-source and, today, it is maintained by a community of more than 890 contributors and more than 1100 integration companies.

Setup advice

Above all, we are with you in the setup of the solution, but we can also adapt it to reach your requirements, as specific as they may be.

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Why integrate Odoo ?

Manage your company on a single system

A recent and perpetually evolving integrated management software package, Odoo can centralize on a single system all the solutions to your requirements in terms of internal management.

From the CRM module to project management, the creation of an eCommerce linked directly to your stock and production management, Odoo covers all your requirements.

Why choose Subteno IT ?

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Odoo Experience

Odoo is a complex software because of the range of modules available, requiring strong technical background for its installation.

For more than 10 years, Subteno IT integrates Odoo in SMBs and large companies. We have been present since version 4 of the software!

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Currently integrating Odoo in more than 25 companies of all sizes, we are able to train and advise you.

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Development / Integration 

We are able to go further with the integration of Odoo in your company. 

You have specific work processes ? Integrating Odoo will ensure software adaptable to your requirements.

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